Sunday, October 26, 2014

Paradise Denied

Paradise Denied is a riveting tale of the horrors that people still face to gain freedom. I have been lucky to live in a first world country and though I didn't grow up wealthy it's the small things that I never really thought about that in the end mean the most. 

The story follows Zekerias Kebraeb as he begins his journey to freedom. Eritrea is a small country in Africa along the red sea. Once it was known for it's history and beauty and know it's known as one of the worst places to live in the world due to their human rights violations. The fear practically vibrates from the page as he describes the horrors of being rounded up to join a military that sucks in youth and eats it alive. 

The journey takes four years, and he is one of the lucky ones. Because ultimately he got away and lived and so many others never had that chance. 

I find myself struggling with the words to convey how much this book genuinely moved me. I can only imagine the strength and determination it would take to live through what this young man lived through. I am sure the scars still linger in his mind. 

The book will be released on November 10th, I definitely recommend picking it up. It's awe inspiring what this young man lived through and shows just how lucky we are and just how far the human race still has to go. 

Here is the link so you can grab/pre-order the book

And here is the link to a facebook page about hopefully helping make this country better for everyone!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Populatti is the second novel by Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper and she is amazing! I literally got so sucked into this novel that I read it in one day. It's definitely young adult but I think it's over arcing lessons really reflect on anyone's life.

Populatti is the website that rules Livi's life. One of her best friend's, Crystal, designed it and it's brilliant. You can only get on it if enough people vote you in and it lets you know where all the cool parties are going to be. That was the life for Livi and her friends, a whirl wind of school, parties, and gossip. 

Finally everything seems to be going right for Livi, the boy she has crushed on for years is finally noticing her, she just turned 16 and her parents are buying her a new car! But underneath the foundation of her life is starting to crumble and she doesn't even know it. 

Everything blows up when a fight escalates and suddenly Livi has been voted out of the Populatti and the three girls who claimed to be her best friends fade away. It's Brandon and an unlikely kindness from two other girls that show Livi that friends are so much more then just happy smiles and hanging out. It's really being there that matters. 

I thought it was a great book! It really pin points that it's so easy to get so caught up in the every day of social media and who is saying what about who. It's not up to the social media to change, it's up to us as the humans who are using it to focus it in a better direction. 

I really liked that the author made Livi so endearing! You watch her struggle between making hard decisions. And also just watching how something innocent can turn into so much more when people start talking. There is definitely three sides to an argument: His side, her side and then truth. 

The book was funny, well thought out, nicely paced and incredibly well written. I will will definitely be looking to see what else this author has in the future!

The e-book can be found here for only 3.00!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beauty and the Barbarian by Amy Jarecki

Merrin was born with the mark of the devil, a large birthmark on her neck, if that wasn't bad enough her mother died in childbirth. Hated by the people of the island, she lives with her father on a tiny islet nearby learning to heal and keeping to herself. She fears she will never find love or companionship but at least she has her trusted dog.

Ian is a man of noble birth even if he is on the run right now. He helped his uncle's wife escape after years of abuse and now the uncle's murderous eye was upon him. Waking up injured he thought there was an angel over him and even after getting to know Merrin he still thought of her as an untouched angel.

Ian brings disaster behind him and Merrin and her father are forced to flee before the renegades hunting Ian. If Merrin can survive the the renegades will she be able to survive the heat in Ian's eyes?

This was a pretty typical romance novel and it was good. I would give it three stars. The characters were okay and the story moved along at a good clip. I prefer my women a little more spunky but hey, Merrin had never really been around men before so I guess she did her best!

If you find this one on sale or in a used store I would definitely grab it, I don't know about paying full price though.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper

This is a great coming of age tale!

Avery Roe wants to take her place as the witch of Prince Island. At 16 she can feel the power coursing through her but she remains unable to use it. Taken from the grandmother who could ultimately teach her and trapped in the town with her mother who has cursed her there. Avery hates her life but it's not until the dream of her murder that the anxiousness explodes. Suddenly desperate to become the witch she begins looking outside of the box for any alternative.

That's where she meets Tane, a sailor from a far of island who dares to tell her that he can teach her magic. For a price of course. Avery, growing more frantic every day gives into his price to feed his revenge and to learn how to undo the curse.

But breaking one curse leads to a different one and ultimately Avery will be forced to choose between the one thing she has always aspired to be or the one thing she vowed to never let happen.

I don't want to say anything more because I don't think I could share anything else without giving away spoilers!

I originally grabbed this from Netgalley because of Prince Island, I kind of thought that maybe it was Prince Edward Island. It's not but I was blown away by the power of this author. I was so involved in this story and so attached to the characters that I really hope that she does more about the Roe Witches even though I know it will hurt.

She captured what's it like to hunger and claw for one dream which can lead to something else and how conflicted it can make you when you realize that the something else can be better for you. She handles the angsty relationship between Avery and her mother extraordinarily well and in the end even makes that heart breaking!

I am going to include a link to the free preview (I think it's the first three chapters or so) so that way you guys can check it out! It is definitely worth the money to grab this book and I can't wait to see what else this author comes up with!

Free Preview

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Me Without You by Kelly Rimmer

Callum Roberts is taking the ferry home as he does every day when a pair of filthy feet pull a sarcastic comment from him. Suddenly it leads to a date, and from there he is sold.

Lilah is everything he thought that he didn't want, opinionated, loud, and worst of all, a vegan. But for the first time in his life he feels like he's finally home.

I can't even give you guys a great intro into the story except to tell you that if you like Nicolas Sparks books then you have to read this. And as a disclaimer, please realize that you are going to need tissues and chocolate and maybe some ice cream during and after you are done reading this!

The story is mostly told from Callum's point of view, though it does bounce back and forth. The love story and chemistry is wonderfully done with each of them accepting the other person warts and all. But then Lilah's secret comes out. Sometimes when you meet the right person none of the other stuff matters and the author really makes you feel like you are part of the story, she draws you in and makes you care in ways that honestly, you kind of wish you didn't just so the crying would stop!

If you are in the mood for endearing love, and learning to heal even after the pain, then this book is for you!
Here is the link to grab the ebook!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Looking for Jack Kerouac by Barbara Shoup

At first I was kind of worried because I have never actually read anything by Jack Kerouac, thankfully I was pleasantly surprised to see that Barbara blends her novel with enough details that I never felt lost or that I was missing anything. 

The story takes place in 1964 with two young men who have read Jack Kerouac's adventures, about learning on the road and exploring. Amidst fear of what comes after high school they begin to idolize the author. 

When they realize that Jack Kerouac lives in Pensacola, Florida. Paul and Duke decide it's time to go in search of the man who has inspired them. Leaving their families and embracing a new set of fears they go out to discover their future!

High school is a scary time for anyone and I thought that author captured that upheaval so well. The story draws you in, Paul is definitely the focus and you care more about him then about Duke, but you still want to see how everything ends. How the boys will turn out in the end, the author makes you want to care about them. 

So here is a link to the author's website so you can check her out and her other novels!

And of course the amazon link so you can grab a copy!

Dare to Kiss by S.B. Alexander

Lacey Robinson has had her world flipped upside down. Just when everything was going right she lost her sister and mother in a brutal home break in. The world fell apart as she lost herself in the violence of that night and watched her dreams slowly drift away. 

A year later she has moved far away from her past with her father as she tries to get a handle on her PTSD. A new state, a new school, and a new chance to play baseball. A chance to recapture her dream of playing in the major leagues.

Unfortunately the team captain has other ideas about a girl on his team. And then she meets Kade Maxwell, a complication that Lacey isn't sure she can handle right now. The Maxwell's aren't great about taking no for an answer and they start looking out for Lacey as things get worse. Is Kade strong enough to handle Lacey's nightmares and fits and gentle enough to heal her soul?

I liked this book! It was good. The action moved smoothly, the dialogue was fairly witty. The way the author handled PTSD was really amazing. She handled it with care and sensitivity while showing just how debilitating it can be. It's hard work to continue living after something so horrific and S.B. Alexander handles it excellently. She has dealt with PTSD herself, which may explain why she writes it so well. 

The only thing I didn't like was that the sex scenes were pretty ... intense which was a little strange for me given that the characters were under 18. It could have just been weird for me since I am over 30 and it's weird to read about teenagers going at it. I just look for dialogue on those pages and flip over them so it's not too bad.  

So I have something exciting this time! I have a book trailer here! So if you click on the link it will take you over to YouTube so you can watch it!

I am also going to include the link to the author's website so you can check her out and some of her other books! She is definitely worth checking out.

Of course I am going to include the Amazon link for you! It was just released on September 30th and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!