Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So I am a reader. I love books! The way they smell so crisp and clean. The paper between my fingers (paper cuts and all). I do enjoy the nook or kindle as well, anything that spreads books to more people is definitely a bonus to me! But I wanted to start running a blog about the books I have read. Maybe people will see what I have written and pick up that book which to me would be awesome! Knowing that something that I enjoyed led someone else to enjoy the same thing would be great. I am not a peacekeeper, a soldier, a diplomat nor am I really making the world a better place in any real way but if I bring joy to even one person with something I suggested then that could mean something!

Of course if you hate the book that I suggest then I am ok with that as well! Not everyone will have the same taste in books but at least you tried something new! And maybe you can recommend something better.

Everything I suggest is of course just my opinion so hopefully no one gets offended because that's the last thing I want! I am looking to add some sort of star or rating system to go with this blog but haven't found any graphics that I really love for it yet.

I will be attempting to not give away spoilers to my books that I am talking about but sadly sometimes it will happen! I will try to give warnings for people though if I feel like I really have to include some spoilers.

Also if you read something you really like and want me to come and contribute to your blog or have any comments then I would love to hear from you! I do ask though that if you feel the need to critique that it be done in a constructive way and not meanly if at all possible!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy what I have written!

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