Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Check out BookGirlTV's interview with Linda Fairstein!

Interview for BookGirlTV!

BookGirlTV informs, inspires readers with top quality new reads
Newest interviews with BEST-SELLING authors Linda Fairstein, Adam Braun

NEW YORK CITY – Tessa Smith McGovern finds the best new books to read for BookGirlTV so you don’t have to and takes you behind the scenes with today’s top authors.

With BookGirlTV, McGovern cuts through the advertising and hype to find what books you should be reading right now. She aims to save people time and money by only highlighting exceptional books that readers will want to finish and to provide readers with an interactive, entertaining and life-enhancing monthly video book club that fits anyone’s schedule. BookGirlTV also works to shine a light on under-recognized female writers, both emerging and best-selling, and can help new authors learn strategies and wisdom from successful authors.

The most recent edition of BookGirlTV’s author interview show, ‘Just Books with Tessa Smith McGovern’ features an interview with Linda Fairstein about her book “Terminal City,” which reveals the “dark side” of New York City’s Grand Central Station. McGovern’s upcoming interviews include Adam Braun, founder of Pencils of Promise and author of The Promise of a Pencil, and author and journalist Anna Quindlen.

BookGirlTV also produces a series called BookGirlBUZZes, 1-2 minute book reviews that tell you what a book’s about (don’t worry, no spoilers here!) and whether those 5 star Amazon ratings are accurate – think of it as the mobile version of your local bookstore clerk.

BookGirlTV airs Thursdays at 4 p.m. on YouTube and BookGirl.TV and after on Facebook, Twitter, BlipTV, Dailymotion, iTunes, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, Roku and all connected TVs. The BookGirlBUZZ mobile app for Android and iOS allows people to stay up-to-date and watch BookGirlTV on their favorite mobile device. The email newsletter also keeps people in the know about new episodes of BookGirlTV and offers the chance to win free books, many of them signed.

About the BookGirl: Tessa Smith McGovern, originally from England, published her first short story in 1996 and has continued to publish work while also founding eChook Digital Publishing and hosting and producing BookGirl.TV. McGovern’s linked short story collection, “London Road: Linked Stories,” has earned high praise, including being the Gold Medal Winner in the 2012 eLit Awards. McGovern also teaches at The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, NY.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

I, Morgana by Felicity Pulman

I saw this book on netgalley and I was so excited. I have a special spot for Arthurian legends. I loved the Mists of Avalon and I am always interested in seeing how different authors add their own spins to the tale. 
Unfortunately for me I wasn't in love with this retelling. 

I think she had some great details, Morgana and Lancelot, I liked that little added thing and some of the details of how Morgana struggled with what she had done when she was older. I actually liked the end of the book much better then the rest, though my main issue was with the middle. It's like Morgana just lost her inner voice, we stopped seeing the reason behind things. I just wasn't seeing that character development in the middle of the book. 

I sadly can't recommend this read, I am so sorry but I just don't suggest you pick this up. Hopefully the next read will be better!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Love, lies and lemon cake by Sue Watson

Life is an adventure. This is definitely a mantra I believe in, though sometimes it can get lost in the hectic pace of day to day life. Sometimes we have to step out of the everyday and really look at our lifes and figure out what it is we want and if we are truly happy. I think this book had a great view about doing just that!

Faye Dobson is going through the motions. Her daughter has officially left for university, her job though delightful is really just a stop gap and her marriage .... well when your husband prefers to watch tv rather then make love to you it's time to really assess where your life has ended up. So she looks around and decides that it's time. Asking her husband for a divorce, she moves in with her best friend Sue. 

Sue has been divorced for some time and encourages Faye to begin exploring her new life. But it's the guy at the deli who begins to show Faye that just because she's older doesn't mean her dreams are dust. Faye struggles knowing that she is ten years older then hew new beau and there are still so many things she hasn't done, how can she be good enough when her husband didn't even want her. 

I thought that this book was a great representation of what women go through as they get older. They struggle with self esteem and regrets, and Faye not only ends up facing them but acknowledging that a goal is a goal and it doesn't matter how old you are as long as you enjoy doing it. It was funny and touching, and I really, really want the recipe for that lemon cake!! 

I definitely recommend this book, I thought it was lovely and inspiring. You can find it on Amazon.ca for under 3 bucks and it's definitely worth it!!! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ruin Falls by Jenny Milchman

Jenny Milchman's second novel is a master piece of suspense. I loved her first novel, Cover of Snow, but this book was stunning! Every mother will break the rules to get her children back but Jenny Milchman really captures the pathos of the mother with all the foibles of a person struggling to understand what's happened. 

Liz Daniels is heading to her father's parents on a rare trip away from home. She listens to the children bicker in the backseat and she's filled with joy at her simple life. A glance at the brilliant man beside her completes the picture of a happy family. 24 hours later everything would be different. Her children missing, her husband involved and no one can help her. 

Liz realizes that the life that had she thought was so simple and happy was filled with cracks that she had turned a blind eye to for years. She struggles as she realizes no one will help to find her children but she begins to slowly peel apart the lies and misinformation that surrounds her husband. 

I don't want to say too much more because I am really afraid that I already kind of gave you a spoiler. But I love Liz Daniels, she's flawed yes but who doesn't fall into a rut, who doesn't trust blindly the ones we love and live with. I really enjoyed the struggle as Liz came to terms with everything and fought with every inch of her soul to be reunited with her family. The story was touching and moving, and made you want to bite your nails to make sure everything would turn out okay. 

I also enjoy learning new things and a lot of the environmental stuff I wasn't totally aware of, I thought Jenny handled it well, teaching about the subject and making it interesting without letting the subject over take the story. 

Defintely check out this author if you haven't already! Such a great read!! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Soulwoven by Jeff Seymour

So I randomly scour through netgalley for books to read between doing things for publishers and I came across this title .... Soulwoven ..... intrigued I clicked on it to find an interesting story about an author who started with a Wattpad serial story who turned it into a kickstarter and now it's a published novel. With that many people having faith in the story I felt like I had to pick it up and give it a chance (It might also have been because an earlier reviewer compared him to Tolkien the biblical father of today's fantasy). I was not only not disappointed I was blown away by the depths and originality of the story. 

The story starts with the Jin brothers, Litnig and Cole. Merchant class, abusive father, trying hard to overcome their roots and become something better. We are then introduced to Quay, the prince of the Eldani, who sees the trouble in the air and knows he has to leave his family to save his city. There's Ryse, the streetwise soulweaver who has only found a home with Litnig and Cole until the church came and taught her the power that lurked inside of her slight frame. 

The world slowly goes mad as items of power are broken and the church lies about it, the common people dream of a black dragon and his cold black eyes watching them waiting for them to burn. This reluctant group of friends leave the city they have always known to protect the world. They are joined by two others who help cement their bond while learning more about themselves as they grow into the men and women that they will become. 

It was so good! I tried to slowly read the end so that it would take longer to finish but that just didn't work and I ended up devouring it. Jeff Seymour just captures the images so well making them come alive in your imagination until you can practically see the scales of the dragon sliding along the cavern floor. I genuinely suggest this book to anyone who loves fantasy, it has everything from sword fighting, romance, comedy, personal tragedy, and of course a quip or two! 

I had such a good time reading this book and I hope you do too! Also Litnig and Cole are my favourite so if you do happen to grab the book or have read it then let me know in the comments below who your favourite was and why!