Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Inside Passage

Inside Passage is the first novel in the Corey Logan Trilogy by Burt Weissbourd. Corey Logan is the heroine of the trilogy and I love her down to earth voice even as she faces unlikely circumstances. I really enjoyed this book! I could barely put it down until the end and that was only because I didn't want it to end so I slowly started creeping through it in the hopes of prolonging the inevitable!

Corey Logan is a woman fighting a losing battle. After serving two years in jail for a crime she didn't commit Corey is just longing to start a normal life and to get her son back. She doubts that this will be possibly as Nick Season is still out there, he's already tried to kill her once and it's only a matter of time until he tries again because she knows the truth.

In the process of fighting for her son she goes to her evaluation with Abe Stein. At first Corey resists him but slowly begins to trust him while appreciating the thought he puts into each word. As Corey's hard work begins to unravel as enemies crawl out of the woodwork she finds only one safe harbour, Abe Stein. For the first time in years Corey has hope for a future with her son and a possible new lover.

Until she accidentally breaks all the hard rules she had set with the man who wants her dead. Fleeing, she barely gets to her son in time and ends up having to take a life to save her sons. Corey grabs Billy and flees to the Inside Passage in Canada but she knows it's just a matter of time until Nick finds her. Events skyrocket as Abe refuses to let Corey slip through his fingers.

I really enjoyed this book! The action is flawless and the story is compelling. To me the best bad guys are the ones that I almost want to root for and yet kind of want to shake and then flee from. Nick Season is him! He's charismatic, passionate and a cold blooded killer. All the smaller characters are well rounded and have lots of life!

I definitely recommend this book! I am going to include a link to the author Burt Weissbourd as well, he has written or been a part of some brilliant scripts, books and films and seems rather brilliant! It also gives a sneak peek at the other two books!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Circle of Fire

This is the first part of the Damask Circle and I love it. It's a paranormal romance series and it's really well done. The world is filled shapeshifters, vampires and magic users but not the typical stuff that the market is flooded with right now. The Damask Circle is a group that travels throughout the world trying to stop evil magic users/creatures from killing innocent people. It is a blend of the unknown and mystery which draws you in with believable cast of characters. 

Circle of Fire begins with Madeline Smith, a woman who is battling the agoraphobia that is slowly closing her life into a box. Until a "ghost" appears to her and begs her for help. At first she refuses to believe in the spirit, it feels too real and tries to take her out of her comfort zone but then the ghost tells her that her beloved nephew may go missing and be the next body found if she does nothing. All too soon it's proven that it was true and she was plunged into an adventure that she wasn't sure she was ready for. 

Heading off to save the "ghost" after promising her sister that she would bring home her nephew. However the ghost is a real flesh and blood man who sets her pulse to racing and drives her mad between hormones and anger. In helping to save her nephew Madeline also learns how to save herself and come to terms with her abilities. 

This book is available at the end of the month and I greatly recommend it to everyone who enjoys the paranormal romance genre! For me one of the bonus perks is that the characters were in their 20's and 30's so for me that made it easier for me to relate to them. 

Definitely a quick and easy pick me up! 

Mr. Midnight

This is a brilliant book by Allan Leverone. I have personally always been fascinated by the concept of twins. There are so many different stories and myths that surround them and I have always liked to see the original ideas that authors come up with the idea. 

The book begins with Caitlyn Connelly, an independant 30 year old woman who is struggling with the fact that she was adopted. Caitlyn needs to understand these things, she calls them flickers, where she can see events of other peoples  lives. She tries to use the information for good but at 30 she longs to understand why she can see these things. Her boyfriend, the sweet cop that he is, surprises her with a private detective to help track down her mother. 

That's where the action explodes as Caitlyn gets ready to find her mother and we are introduced to the Mr. Midnight character. He is a deprived killer of young women compelled by the visions he sees inside of his mind. Everything changes for him when he glimpses a woman in a vision who is the anti thesis of everything he is and fills him with a hatred that he has never known before. 

I am going to stop there so I don't give too much away but this book is so good! It's fast paced and intelligently written. You even feel for the characters who have minor parts, they are all so well thought out and given back grounds of their own. 

I definitely recommend this book! It can be found for 5 bucks on amazon for the ebook and it's brilliant. If you are in the mood for something tense and evocative then grab this book!

Who you calling Silly? How a silly woman becomes virtuous

Mmmmm .... where to start on this book. This is a christian based book and I am pretty open minded and thought in a age where skimpy clothing and sleeping with various partners is not only acceptable but sought after I would check out this book when it was brought to my attention.

Now I personally believe in a as long as it isn't hurting me then your business is your own kind of philosophy but I am always interested in other peoples ideas. However I don't agree with pretty much anything this author had to say.

She goes on about how you should stay away from men, not even being friends because you might have dirty thoughts about them, you shouldn't drink at all, not even socially. That you should clean your home (you should actually probably do that part) but not forget the doorknobs and wash your walls on a frequent basis. As a woman I just don't have time to wash the walls of my home once a month.

I don't know for some people this might be a great book, for me it just didn't work. I didn't find any part of helpful. I don't recommend it at all.