Saturday, June 16, 2012

Immortal Sins by Amanda Ashley

So who doesn't love some paranormal romance? This book is filled with vampires, warlocks and evil curses. What could be better? Well at least for me there could be some better plot and not a rushed through ending. The book had a great premise with a good headstart on a heroine and hero. She was willowy and virginal and he was stuck in a painting, vampy and smexy. No vampire can resist a virgin!

The hero, Jason Rourke, had been cursed to stay in a painting since he had seduced a warlocks virginal daughter. Of course the virginal daughter wanted it and she too had been locked in a painting when daddy found out. This really intrigued me, I love a warlock who will just throw everyone in a painting for pissing him off.

The heroine, Karinna Adams, becomes entranced with the moving figure in the painting and wishes he was real after certain messages appear on the painting for her. Thus begins their love affair. Karinna is intrigued by Jason but turned off by the fact that he is a vampire and has to live on blood. They do have an adventure together when they travel to Romania to save the Warlock's daughter Ana Luisa, whom Jason feels responsible for.

This is where I feel the author could have done so much more, Ana is in love with Jason and is upset for only a chapter that Jason is falling for Karinna since she finds another vampire and falls for him in a night. Within another few chapters she is a vampire and going to spend eternity with this other vampire. Where as Karinna is still disgusted by the fact that Jason is a vampire. They barely touch on how this affects Jason or the fact that Karinna won't sleep with him and constantly pulls away from him because of what he is.

Ok if you don't want spoilers about the ending of the novel then stop reading now! I am sorry.

The main bad guy is only part of the novel for the last 10 chapters or so and he kind of dies like a punk between the three vampires. Of course this is after he has trapped Karinna in a painting. Killing him doesn't break the spell and Karinna is still trapped. Jason is able to use his abilities to reach her and speak with her. He offers to turn her in the hopes that it will set her free. She adamantly refuses and tells him to destroy the painting. He makes her anyway.

The part that frustrated me so much was that she forgives him so easily because he loved her. I mean I wanted them together but there is just never the depth of emotion or intimacy in this novel that I would have liked.

So in all, a vaguely amusing read but not great nor meaningful.

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