Monday, July 9, 2012

Eyes of Fire by Heather Graham

Eyes of Fire by Heather Graham is a suspenseful romance. The action moves quickly and has some twists thrown in which is always nice though it was fairly predictable. Heather Graham has a great writing style though with believable characters and a good story line.

The female protagonist is Samantha Carlyle who is beautiful and spunky. She lives on a secluded island renowned for it's diving and the intrigue of being inside the Devil's Triangle (The Bermuda Triangle). She is surprised when a man from her past Adam O'Conner shows up on the island. The antagonism between the two isn't fully explained at first which is a little frustrating but eventually the author explains what happened between these two in the past. Over the course of a week you see the sparks begin to flare again if they could only get past all their anger.

Mean while there is the intrigue about a ship wreck that lies close to the island possibly. Samantha has already lost two important men in her life to this ship wreck and she wants nothing more to do with it though someone else has a different idea entirely. Several people on the island have been lying about who they are and what they really want from Samantha besides diving lessons.

It's a great light read if you aren't really wanting to think too much! Great light reading and intriguing if you like ship wrecks and some of the history of the ship wrecks through out the Bermuda Triangle.

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