Monday, December 17, 2012

The Pygmalion Complex by Elaine Gordon

The Pygmalion Complex is Elaine Gordon's newest novel. When most people hear Pygmalion they think of My Fair Lady but this novel is much more modern and steamy then that classic could hope to be, hopefully soon this edition will be the new classic.

Romana Randall starts off as a naive married woman brought up in the lap of luxury and soon realizes that the life that she idolizes isn't the life she is really living. Forced to make hard decisions for her and her two children she tries to reassemble her life after divorce. Moving far from everything she has known in the attempt to make a new life she meets the dynamic Kent Cunningham who quickly shows her everything that she has been missing out on. Quickly torn between family expectations and the woman of passion that Kent is showing her that she can be Romana most choose who she is going to try and make happy, her family, Kent or most importantly herself.

I found this novel a really interesting idea. The characters each have their own paths to walk and some really hard decisions to face. Each of the obstacles comes from a different view point and I think it could appeal to so many people from different walks of life. I think it really does show that at the end of the day you need to make yourself happy and strive to achieve something for yourself rather then worry about what other people may think.

Elaine Gordon is great at evoking moods and places with her words which I found great. I loved the way she described both New York on a Sunday in the Park as well as the glittering lights of Paris. Mrs. Gordon's characters are believable and entertaining to read about.

The book was a good quick read, when I was done I was a little disappointed that it was finished so quickly actually. So if you are looking for something a little different but something that has a hint of steamy innocence to it then this would definitely be something that you should pick up!

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