Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Home Shopping Diva

After reading this I have decided that when I grow up, part of me wants to be Meg Flather. Home Shopping Diva is a stirring look at fighting for your dreams. Sometimes it's the small acts of courage that help you dream a little bigger. I really got that feeling from this book. 

The story is really just about Meg and all the different roads that she took to reach her goal. She was never afraid to make the decision to change if it would make things better for her. And sometimes change is so hard! But every step took her closer and closer to her dream.

In between each chapter are the lyrics to songs that she wrote. They were beautiful and touching. I couldn't wait to play the CD that came with the copy of the book and I was definitely not disappointed! She was definitely a cabaret singer and I could practically picture the 1940's lounge that meshed with her soulful styling. 

Such a great light and uplifting read! I would recommend this book to everyone who wanted some inspiration to fight for their dreams! Especially if they also loved make up! :)

Here is the link to her author page if you want to learn more about Meg Flather!

Amazon of course the link to buy the book on Amazon!

And the link to pick up her amazing cd's!

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