Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Frenchman by Lesley Young


Fleur has lived a charmed life, she has been pampered and protected in the American South by her father. When her mother re-enters the picture and introduces Fleur to new things that she had never imagined before she sets off in an adventure to step off of the path of the straight and narrow that has been her norm for so long. 

Fleur follows her mother to Toulon, a seaport town in France for a year. Her mother works for the French National Police investigating the crime family Messette . That's where she meets Louis, the gorgeous rugby player. Instantly her world has not only deviated from the path but exploded into a whole new street filled with things she has never felt before. 

Louis commands her to silence as their relationship gets more intense and passionate and Fleur struggles with his demands and the lies that surround the beginning of their relationship. She can't see beyond the intense passion that blinds her to see who she's becoming involved with. Louis keeps telling her that he is a bad man but she refuses to believe it. 

I haven't read anything by this author before but I will definitely be looking for more by her after reading this. Fleur and Louis are great together! Who doesn't fantasize about meeting that man who is filled with darkness but only you can tame the hunger in him. That is definitely who Fleur and Louis are to each other, they are drawn together like moths to a flame. 

I liked that it wasn't just about the sex either, this is actually classified as a erotica but I wouldn't say that it was anything worse then I have read by Karen Marie Moning and definitely tamer then Laurell K. Hamilton. There was story and humour and mystery, Lesley really makes you care about the couple and the people that surround them not just about when the next sex scene will begin!

Definitely a great read that I recommend!

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