Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Family That Stays Together by Deborah Plummer

The Family That Stays Together by Deborah Plummer is a mystery that slowly draws you in. Though it starts slowly it does end up drawing you into the mystery surrounding the main characters long time friend when her ex boyfriend is murdered. It's part of a series so you might be slightly confused at first and some of the backgrounds of the characters are missing. But the fact that one of the main characters is an ex nun is definitely interesting. Also I liked the authors take on religion and faith being balanced without over powering the novel, even when some of the characters have a crisis of faith.

Kathy and her sister Tina begin to look into the murder of their friend's ex when she becomes the target of the police investigation. Things are only made more complicated when Kathy is approached by an old friend from the nunnery who wants her to begin therapy with her sister and nephew. Kathy begins to learn new things about the case and struggles between helping a friend and her career. 

It's definitely an interesting read with some unexpected twists and turns so I give it three out 5 stars! I would definitely check this out, especially if you can find the first one!

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