Monday, September 9, 2013

Simon's Lady by Julie Tetel Andresen

What can I say about this wonderful author? So many good things! I really enjoyed this book. I love historical romance novels, they are a sad and guilty pleasure of mine. They have taught me what a fort night means, which isn't something that you hear everyday. But I digress, sorry about that. Mrs. Andresen combines humour, real history, and confusion into a real love story with some pretty hot scenes that made me flick through the pages pretty awkwardly as I read this on my lunch hours at work.

Simon of Beresford is told by the King's mistress that it will be an honour to marry the widow Gwyneth of Northumbria. Distinctly unsure of this "honour" there is nothing he can do and faces his bride to be. He is soon taken by the violet depths of her eyes even as his soul struggles with the mounting evidence proving her as a traitor. For Gwyneth, she went from one horrible marriage and knows that she can not deny another that is sure to be more of the same, especially as she meets her Lord Husband and realizes he has no manners. But his gentleness in the boudoir convinces her that there is more to this plain speaking brute who can not seem to see the webs that wrap themselves around him as she attempts to save him from one mishap after another.

I liked the fact that real historical events about King Stephen and the tumultuous time period that he ruled during as well as some of the intrigues that may have actually happened as the lords were torn in their loyalties between rulers. The love story is genuine and I really liked reading from his prospective as well as hers. Sex scenes are hot hot hot! There is also action and intrigue and even an almost murder or two to make things extra exciting!

Definitely something that I would recommend for a reader who enjoys historical romance or just romance novels in general! It was so good! And at only 4 bucks for the kindle version it's a great buy!!!

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