Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Devil Music by Carly Orosz

Devil Music is set in the 1980's, at the height of the Rock industry when the media was starting to talk about the effect that music has on children. Cain Pseudomantis is a demon living in Los Angeles in the power of a mortal. He can either commit the horrible acts he is commanded to or suffer harsh punishment. He only seems to find solace in the rock music he drifts to when he is free to be himself.

It's on a mission for his human master in the seedy underbelly of the city where he picks up a guitar for the first time and feels the thrill as he makes his own music. Unable to resist he buys the guitar which begins his journey into stardom with friends and loved ones.

However this is just the beginning and things begin to get hairy as murders start to terrorize the music scene. And his girl friend's father, the honourable Nathaniel Breen, televangelist, accuses him of turning the city's youth towards satanism! What's a demon with some morals gotta do to just live his life in peace!

I really enjoyed this book! It was kind of like Rock of Ages met Son of Sam in a strange clash of amusement and thrill rides! I felt like the author really gave a great grasp on the old adage about not judging people and showing that friends are friends, no matter who or what they are.

Also a really nice commentary on the fact that just because someone is supposed to be a good person doesn't always mean they are and vice versa. Good isn't always good, and evil isn't always evil. Sometimes we have to acknowledge that there is a middle ground and intentions do matter even if they don't always turn out the way we would like!

Devil Music

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