Sunday, September 28, 2014

Second Thoughts by Cara Bertrand

Second Thoughts is the second novel in the Sententia Series. The premise for the series is that hidden from the rest of the world is a group of people known as the Sententia. People with gifts that set them apart from the rest of us. 

The series starts in Lost in Thought with Lainey Young, plagued with flashes of deaths from the past, simply talks about her dizzy spells until she touches the car that cost her parents their life. Suddenly her choatic life is brought to a stand still as her adopted mother (her mother's best friend) and a friend of her father's decide it's time for her to go to boarding school. 

Northbrook Academy is everything Lainey never knew she wanted. Teachers who challenge her, friends who last longer then a few months, and a gorgeous boy. But it harbours secrets of it's own and they quickly surround Lainey. She also finds out that she's not insane, she's part of a race called the Sententia .... she has been gifted with the ability to see coming deaths and relive death's presence in items. Of course that makes her love for antiques rather awkward but that's neither here or there. 

The second book picks up right after the summer break. Lainey is eager to see her friend as well as her boyfriend. And still terrified by the last grim vision she saw. Her own death at the hands of the boy she loves. 

As the school term begins Lainey struggles with all the regular teenage stuff, tests, homework, the popular group. She also has to keep this secret from her best friend about who and what she is while debating if after graduation she wants to work for the leader of the Sententia, Daniel Astor. 

I really enjoyed this series! The writing was good, the story was fast paced. The idea is pretty popular right now in young adult paranormal novels but Cara Bertrand did such a great job that it didn't seem repetitive. It's funny and moving, the supporting cast of characters seems to have just as much life as Lainey Young which is always nice to read. 

The story lines are centered on real motives that lead to evil acts every day, moral decisions that can change a life. I especially liked the ending where Lainey is forced to make the decision between love and freedom. I was so .... amazed to see an author not give in to the easy answer. It was brilliant! I included the links on Amazon for both the first and second books!

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  1. Thanks so much for this great post! Super glad you're enjoying the series--I hope I can keep the characters making those hard choices. <3