Sunday, September 22, 2013

Suspicious Hearts

Suspicious Hearts by Julie Tetel Andresen is such a great romantic thriller. Richard Worth wants to re-enter society and approaches his friend the Duke to find a suitable woman for marriage who will help make his debut flow smoother. With a list in hand Richard strikes out to meet the women and see which one he feels will be best for him.

Caroline had come back to town after leaving three years ago in disgrace. Her father was a gambler and had lost the majority of their fortune and so they had retreated to the country. She returns at the invitation of her aunt and so she can settle the affairs of her father after he passed several months before.  After learning that her father had kept up his gambling ways and through the twists and turns of fate Caroline ends up accepting the proposal of Richard Worth.

The story sky rockets after that with fast paced conversation, murder, and double crossing! All set against a wonderful Victorian society background. I loved how this story just flowed together and how all the characters ended up where I wanted them to be! Such a good read I definitely recommend it to anyone!!

Also it's a great deal as a kindle version for only 4 bucks!!!

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