Sunday, October 6, 2013

I.T. Confidential

I.T Confidential by C.D. Rahm is such a great novel! He captures all the boring and drama of working in the day to day office with computers from the eyes of the computer geek. I know by the end of my day I feel like my eyes are starting to cross so I could only imagine about the poor I.T guy (who I personally harass on a sadly constant basis as my computer likes to do strange and random things when I am in the middle of other things!)

It was so well written and captured me from the get go! I loved how he blended humour with every day occurrences to make it easy for everyone to relate to, not just those who would work with computers. I honestly can't even think about what else to say other then if you need a laugh or you work in an office then you should grab this book!!!!!

You can find it at for around $15 canadian!

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