Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sutton Place

I was lucky enough to be asked to do a review for Sutton Place by Louise Gaylord. Louise  has been popular since she released the first novel in her Allie Armington series which was an instant hit and began the fan base which is now world wide. She made her name in mystery/thrillers and as the books come out her talent just keeps growing. All thanks to her serving on jury duty for a few months. I think it's incredible how the smallest things that effect our lives can lead us down such strange roads but I am thankful that she served that time and was inspired to begin her new journey down the dark and twisting paths of her imagination!

Sutton Place is the prequel to Julia Fairchild. Julia Fairchild is the main character in this intriguing novel. She is brilliant in her own right. After struggling through mistakes that Julia had made as a child she rises to the top of her field in psychology in New York. Life takes an even better turn as she begins a whirl wind romance with one of her co workers. That's where everything falls apart as all the scars come back along with the knowledge of something deeper and darker that happened to her. 

Julia had grown up in privilege and wealth though secrets had surrounded both her and her sister. After the first of those secrets was revealed Julia had fled her home. That flight as a teenager ended horribly as she wrapped the car around a tree, causing a coma. Her family spared no expense and sent her to the best treatment center that they could afford. However even the most luxurious and renowned places have darkness. In a coma where Julia lay helpless one of the doctors who was supposed to protect her took advantage of her, warping and controlling her brain until she was what he had conditioned her to be. Thankfully Julia was able to muster the strength to tell her mother a few words.

Those incidents lay in Julia's subconcious for years, forgotten and unused, until her first love. After it falls apart horribly Julia leaves to go to New Mexico and just when the past finally seems like the past, it all comes rushing back with the smell of musk. 

I definitely recommend this book it was so well written! The author is a genius when it comes to the twists and turns that make a truly great mystery novel. She includes all facets of the lives of her characters which makes them seem all the more real and grabs the reader even more!

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