Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time Slip Series

The Time Slip Series by Julie Tetel Andresen is definitely an interesting take on the concept of reincarnation. Each book (so far only 3) deals with a major environmental issue and the main characters who would have been involved in the situation throughout two different periods of time. I found it really interesting to read not only the stories of the characters but to learn about things that affect us every day that we really don't know that much about it. Ok well that I don't really know all that much about is maybe a better example. Julie Tetel Andresen is really great about developing characters that we really care about, and not just the main characters but the supporting cast as well. You just want to immerse yourself in the world to learn more and experience the beauty.

The series begins with the Blue Hour. Cancer researcher Alexandra Kaminski feels like she is right on the verge of something incredible when her star patient tries to set her up with Val Dorsainville. As their eyes connect a cold shiver runs through her and she hopes to never run into him again. That's when destiny decides to intervene because Alexandra and Val have been together before in a past that haunts their future and if they can't figure out how to fix their mistakes then the past is doomed to repeat itself, with dire consequences.

I really liked the cast of characters and the spirituality of those who fear that they are going to die soon. I loved how everyone was so interconnected. It's nice to think that those we love in this lifetime may find their way back to us in the following lifetimes. I also learned about cancer research and the new information about telomerase and how it can change the face about cures.

The second novel is the Crimson Hour. Where Eloise Popescu is sent an airplane ticket to see her father. She has gotten into trouble her whole life but now that she has worked so hard to get her life straightened she realizes she has to follow this trail to the father she never met. Unfortunately that fateful decision leads her right into the middle of warring Chinese mafia families. It also leads her to Hanes Reynolds whose life has been destroyed by the same families. As the two join together and run across the globe trying to figure out exactly what's going on they also have to make sure they don't commit the same mistakes as the past which could end in death for one of them.

The Crimson Hour deals with the red tides around the coral reefs. I wish I had learned a bit more about that side of the story besides the fact that this occurrence can not only kill the reef but if ingested by humans it can create poisons. I still learned something though which is always good! I liked this book though I have to admit I kind of liked the supporting cast at times better then the main characters but definitely still a great book.

The Emerald Hour is the third book in this series. Jordan Charles heads off with her team to search for an elusive rubber tree plant in the Kew Gardens in London, England. As they search for the resistant strain of this plant they are closely monitored by the West brothers who have sponsored the universities research. Theodore West realizes that every time his plans take him away from the american team and their research that his career takes a nose dive and so he begins to work closely with the team even as he finds himself drawn to Jordan Charles. He begins to realize that the past is playing with them as events begin to replay themselves. If he doesn't figure out how to correct the past then the tree will forever be lost.

The Emerald Hour deals with the Rubber Trees. It was actually really interesting to learn about. Rubber is everywhere and I knew it came from trees but I don't think I ever thought much more about it. Harvesting rubber is actually quite difficult and the trees are really susceptible to bugs and rot. The characters were really great and I loved some of the things that the author had done with this story. Up to this point the books really could have been read alone but during this book they started to tie in with the other books because of a society. I am not going to ruin it but I would definitely suggest this series to everyone!

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