Friday, December 13, 2013

Lesser Creatures

So I enjoy me some zombie time, however sometimes I get a little tired of the genre because honestly The Walking Dead does it so fabulously that a lot of others can't compete. If you can think of books that can besides World War Z (which I keep meaning to read and just haven't grabbed it yet) then please tell me and I will happily check them out too!

However, Lesser Creatures takes the genre and flips it around. It's just such a great twist on a genre that we have been seeing get more and more popular lately. Imagine as a teenager having the ability to make a wish come true when you really love someone. What if that person is kind of deranged and you don't see it? Welcome to the world of Lesser Creatures and the Church of Grace.

Zombies don't go around eating brains, they don't chase us and try to kill humans. They really just want their liquor and Burger King. I mean honestly, who doesn't? The government controls them and keeps them safe. They don't speak and those who are slain are avenged by an ungodly power that corrupts and kills. They call it the curse and it keeps even those who live in fear and hatred from going on a good old fashioned zombie hunt.

An ad man who is slowly being driven crazy by his fear and hatred of the zombies is suddenly asked to work with one. And not just any zombie, but his ex girlfriend who may or may not have tried to kill him. That's where it starts to get interesting.

This book was great, it had a refreshingly new idea about zombies which I loved. The plot was fastpaced, the conversation was real. The embarrassment I could relate to (his mom pops by and finds last night's "friends" panties laying on the floor). Such a great read and the author really captures both the female voice and the male voices really well.

You can find it on Amazon for like $5 for the ebook!

Definitely worth the money!

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