Friday, December 13, 2013

Vienna Nocturne

Vienna Nocturne is a novel by Vivien Shotwell. This is the story of Anna Storace who begins as a child prodigy in England and has to fight her way to be recognized as a singer throughout Italy as most Italians believed that only they could truly capture the art form.

Anna shows them all that with the looks of an angel and a heart full of passion who can accomplish all of your dreams as she ends up singing on all the biggest stages and even for the emperor himself. Though she loses herself several times her passion always helps her return until she gives it all to one man who is her equal. They can never be together for he is married but his fingers on the piano are the perfect match for her voice on stage.

For me the best part of this novel was the portrayal of Mozart. You can practically see the authors love and devotion to him through the way she wrote. He was brilliant and frantic and funny, egotistical and yet self effacing. I just loved the way she wrote him. You can definitely see how much the author loves and understands music, her descriptions were beautiful and detailed.

I have to admit I didn't super love the book. It was good but not great. I did like the fact sometimes with the most powerful of men you don't seduce them with your body but with you mind. I think that part was quite well done. If you are looking for some thing to read and this is handy then it's worth picking up.

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