Friday, December 13, 2013

The Lost Sisterhood

The Lost Sisterhood is an interesting read about the amazons and how they are represented in the myths throughout the ages and what if they were still real and with us. You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into the research of the topic even though the story is compelling and draws you in.

Diana, the main character, is a woman who has always tried to understand the world around her. As a child she was kept in the dark about her grandmother's disease and now as an adult she wants to learn everything. Working as a professor at Oxford her focus is on the Amazons. She is haunted by some of the stories that her grandmother told her as a child. She is drawn to these stories and yet she, herself has always played it safe. Her love affairs are short and she keeps her heart in reserve for the boy who has always been just out of reach.

Her safe life is turned on it's head as a gentleman approaches her on a rainy night and tells her to meet him the next day at the airport to go to Amsterdam. At her refusal he shows her a photo of an ancient language that part of her mind seems to recognize but her logical brain just can't seem to place.

Intrigued she heads off to finish her fencing match and then to dinner with friends. Her friends all scoff it off and tell her not to go, that the man has horrid intentions. Diana is still intrigued though and just can't seem to get that language etched out in blue ink out of her mind. That night she calls her friend since childhood and talks to her about it. At the same time "It was grandmother's book". The ancient writing on the wall was the same language her grandmother had filled a notebook with. With that Diana races home to find the notebook that she was never supposed to know about.

She finds it and inside "To Diana". Thus begins her adventure as she heads to the airport, could this really be an ancient Amazonian language. She feels she has to find out. Diana begins the adventure of her life as she risks death and her heart to discover what she has always felt was the truth inside of her.

I loved this book! So good! The author captures all the actual facts that know of the amazons and twists in all these little extras to make it run smooth and capture not just one story but two. I loved all the different takes on ancient history and battles that we only have the stories of old men to go on. It was brilliantly plotted and filled with action and romance and verve.

It doesn't come out until March but I suggest that as soon as it does you grab it! The author is  Anne Fortier and she is brilliant! I will checking out her other novel Juliet as soon as I have a chance because this author just makes a great story!

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