Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Who you calling Silly? How a silly woman becomes virtuous

Mmmmm .... where to start on this book. This is a christian based book and I am pretty open minded and thought in a age where skimpy clothing and sleeping with various partners is not only acceptable but sought after I would check out this book when it was brought to my attention.

Now I personally believe in a as long as it isn't hurting me then your business is your own kind of philosophy but I am always interested in other peoples ideas. However I don't agree with pretty much anything this author had to say.

She goes on about how you should stay away from men, not even being friends because you might have dirty thoughts about them, you shouldn't drink at all, not even socially. That you should clean your home (you should actually probably do that part) but not forget the doorknobs and wash your walls on a frequent basis. As a woman I just don't have time to wash the walls of my home once a month.

I don't know for some people this might be a great book, for me it just didn't work. I didn't find any part of helpful. I don't recommend it at all.

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