Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Inside Passage

Inside Passage is the first novel in the Corey Logan Trilogy by Burt Weissbourd. Corey Logan is the heroine of the trilogy and I love her down to earth voice even as she faces unlikely circumstances. I really enjoyed this book! I could barely put it down until the end and that was only because I didn't want it to end so I slowly started creeping through it in the hopes of prolonging the inevitable!

Corey Logan is a woman fighting a losing battle. After serving two years in jail for a crime she didn't commit Corey is just longing to start a normal life and to get her son back. She doubts that this will be possibly as Nick Season is still out there, he's already tried to kill her once and it's only a matter of time until he tries again because she knows the truth.

In the process of fighting for her son she goes to her evaluation with Abe Stein. At first Corey resists him but slowly begins to trust him while appreciating the thought he puts into each word. As Corey's hard work begins to unravel as enemies crawl out of the woodwork she finds only one safe harbour, Abe Stein. For the first time in years Corey has hope for a future with her son and a possible new lover.

Until she accidentally breaks all the hard rules she had set with the man who wants her dead. Fleeing, she barely gets to her son in time and ends up having to take a life to save her sons. Corey grabs Billy and flees to the Inside Passage in Canada but she knows it's just a matter of time until Nick finds her. Events skyrocket as Abe refuses to let Corey slip through his fingers.

I really enjoyed this book! The action is flawless and the story is compelling. To me the best bad guys are the ones that I almost want to root for and yet kind of want to shake and then flee from. Nick Season is him! He's charismatic, passionate and a cold blooded killer. All the smaller characters are well rounded and have lots of life!

I definitely recommend this book! I am going to include a link to the author Burt Weissbourd as well, he has written or been a part of some brilliant scripts, books and films and seems rather brilliant! It also gives a sneak peek at the other two books!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read INSIDE PASSAGE and writing such an interesting review. Please let me know if you'd like an advance copy of the new book.