Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mr. Midnight

This is a brilliant book by Allan Leverone. I have personally always been fascinated by the concept of twins. There are so many different stories and myths that surround them and I have always liked to see the original ideas that authors come up with the idea. 

The book begins with Caitlyn Connelly, an independant 30 year old woman who is struggling with the fact that she was adopted. Caitlyn needs to understand these things, she calls them flickers, where she can see events of other peoples  lives. She tries to use the information for good but at 30 she longs to understand why she can see these things. Her boyfriend, the sweet cop that he is, surprises her with a private detective to help track down her mother. 

That's where the action explodes as Caitlyn gets ready to find her mother and we are introduced to the Mr. Midnight character. He is a deprived killer of young women compelled by the visions he sees inside of his mind. Everything changes for him when he glimpses a woman in a vision who is the anti thesis of everything he is and fills him with a hatred that he has never known before. 

I am going to stop there so I don't give too much away but this book is so good! It's fast paced and intelligently written. You even feel for the characters who have minor parts, they are all so well thought out and given back grounds of their own. 

I definitely recommend this book! It can be found for 5 bucks on amazon for the ebook and it's brilliant. If you are in the mood for something tense and evocative then grab this book!

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