Saturday, July 19, 2014

Love, lies and lemon cake by Sue Watson

Life is an adventure. This is definitely a mantra I believe in, though sometimes it can get lost in the hectic pace of day to day life. Sometimes we have to step out of the everyday and really look at our lifes and figure out what it is we want and if we are truly happy. I think this book had a great view about doing just that!

Faye Dobson is going through the motions. Her daughter has officially left for university, her job though delightful is really just a stop gap and her marriage .... well when your husband prefers to watch tv rather then make love to you it's time to really assess where your life has ended up. So she looks around and decides that it's time. Asking her husband for a divorce, she moves in with her best friend Sue. 

Sue has been divorced for some time and encourages Faye to begin exploring her new life. But it's the guy at the deli who begins to show Faye that just because she's older doesn't mean her dreams are dust. Faye struggles knowing that she is ten years older then hew new beau and there are still so many things she hasn't done, how can she be good enough when her husband didn't even want her. 

I thought that this book was a great representation of what women go through as they get older. They struggle with self esteem and regrets, and Faye not only ends up facing them but acknowledging that a goal is a goal and it doesn't matter how old you are as long as you enjoy doing it. It was funny and touching, and I really, really want the recipe for that lemon cake!! 

I definitely recommend this book, I thought it was lovely and inspiring. You can find it on for under 3 bucks and it's definitely worth it!!! 

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