Sunday, July 13, 2014

Soulwoven by Jeff Seymour

So I randomly scour through netgalley for books to read between doing things for publishers and I came across this title .... Soulwoven ..... intrigued I clicked on it to find an interesting story about an author who started with a Wattpad serial story who turned it into a kickstarter and now it's a published novel. With that many people having faith in the story I felt like I had to pick it up and give it a chance (It might also have been because an earlier reviewer compared him to Tolkien the biblical father of today's fantasy). I was not only not disappointed I was blown away by the depths and originality of the story. 

The story starts with the Jin brothers, Litnig and Cole. Merchant class, abusive father, trying hard to overcome their roots and become something better. We are then introduced to Quay, the prince of the Eldani, who sees the trouble in the air and knows he has to leave his family to save his city. There's Ryse, the streetwise soulweaver who has only found a home with Litnig and Cole until the church came and taught her the power that lurked inside of her slight frame. 

The world slowly goes mad as items of power are broken and the church lies about it, the common people dream of a black dragon and his cold black eyes watching them waiting for them to burn. This reluctant group of friends leave the city they have always known to protect the world. They are joined by two others who help cement their bond while learning more about themselves as they grow into the men and women that they will become. 

It was so good! I tried to slowly read the end so that it would take longer to finish but that just didn't work and I ended up devouring it. Jeff Seymour just captures the images so well making them come alive in your imagination until you can practically see the scales of the dragon sliding along the cavern floor. I genuinely suggest this book to anyone who loves fantasy, it has everything from sword fighting, romance, comedy, personal tragedy, and of course a quip or two! 

I had such a good time reading this book and I hope you do too! Also Litnig and Cole are my favourite so if you do happen to grab the book or have read it then let me know in the comments below who your favourite was and why!

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