Friday, June 20, 2014

Bride of a Scottish Warrior by Adrienne Basso

Bride of a Scottish Warrior is a very cute romance story of learning to love someone, faults (and baggage) and everything else. Sometimes what we see as a fault in ourselves is a sign of strength to another. It was a great easy read with a few moments of genuine humour. 

Sir Ewan Gilroy is now a knight, born a bastard when his father refused to marry his mother, he has struggled against the stigma of being born out of wedlock his whole life. Finally the new king has seen his worth beyond his name and granted him title and lands. Though Gilroy is almost dismayed to see that lands he was gifted with. The burned out husk of a building and women, elderly and children as his people. He gains the peoples trust the instant he gives them choices in a world where the rich rule through power alone. But now he needs a wife and a dowry to really bring this land back and feed his people. So Gilroy goes off on a hunt for a lady to wed him despite his bastardy.

Grace was born to a noble family and the responsibilities there of. She gave up a life in the convent to marry as her brother requested and now as a widow all she seeks is to return to her childhood vocation. Staying with her brother and his wife, have been a restful period even if her brother does keep broaching the subject of marriage. Grace has sworn to never marry again to make up for the sins in her past. Though her brother becomes much more insistent when Sir Ewan Gilroy comes calling. Now debating with her growing attraction for Gilroy and the sins that haunt her, Grace is challenged to love a man who can only see her face and not her heart. 

I read this in one day. It was such a great read, good for days filled with sunshine and laying out back and enjoying the beautiful summer! Preferably with a cup of tea by your side! If you like historical romance I think you will like this one! 

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