Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Trouble with Honor by Julia London

The Trouble with Honor begins with Honor Cabot debating what to do with herself as her beloved step father is about to lose his life. It's hard enough for her to contemplate what to do without the man who is as close as a father to her, but as he gets closer to death's door and her step brother gets closer to marriage with a woman who hates Honor and her three younger sisters, Honor is forced to realize that she can no longer postpone a marriage to an eligible bachelor if it means keeping her sisters and family secret's safe. With a stroke of luck she realizes there is one last thing she can do to give her sisters their best chance at happiness. She can end her brothers engagement and encourage him towards a young lady who would be able to take pity on her family. And she knows just the man who could help her!

George Easton, the illegitimate son of a duke, has always enjoyed a good gamble and when the woman with the piercing eyes breaks all conventions and sits down at this table at the men's club he feels destiny spinning around him. Soon he is embroiled in a game to woo another woman but his thoughts are held captive by Honor. 

In between all this intrigue can these two ever find their way to each other and be honest with all the secrets in their hearts?

I had never read anything by Julia London before but I really enjoyed this book! It was funny and endearing, I cared not only about the main characters but the supporting cast as well. Which is good since this is the beginning of the Cabot Sisters series. The characters each have their graces and their flaws which always makes things more interesting. Definitely a read that I would suggest for those who enjoy historical romance!

It's on sale right now through for around $6, definitely worth the price!

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