Monday, June 9, 2014

The Curse Breakers by Denise Grover Swank

The second installment in Denise Swank's sweeping urban fantasy is even better then the original!!

After the betrayal of Collin Dailey and the loss of her father Ellie Lancaster is struggling to keep herself together and keep moving forward. Vowing to find a way to seal away the spirits so they can't hurt anyone else while continuing to defend herself as she is trapped between two different native american gods. 

Though her soul is permanently joined with Collin, Ellie just can't bear to see him knowing that he allowed all of this to happen. She begins searching for others who may know about the legends and can help her close the portal. Where she meets Dr. David Preston, an expert on native american folk lore. She begins to feel an attraction with him as they fight against the darkness that seeks to claim her innocent soul. And now she must decide just how far down the rabbit hole she will bring one more person. 

I love this series, all the characters are compelling from the best friend to the pawn dealer. The imagery is lush and the language is seductive. I love how Ellie is strong even in the face of being pulled in so many directions and being able to say No even in the hottest of circumstances!

I can't wait for the last part of this series to be released in September!

Definitely a worthwhile read in the urban fantasy setting.

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