Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Elderwood Manor by Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes

Elderwood Manor is a short story that appears to be an ode to horror novels from the Victorian era. It is filled with dark imagery and yet has a glimmer of hope interwoven in the story with the love that the father feels for his son. 

I really liked this story, it was a quick read, so nice for over a vacation or on the bus. It was well written and kept a fairly good pace throughout. I did wish that it had gone into a little bit more in depth of the history of how the activity had started but it gives you enough information and detail that you still get the family history of the house. 

Bruce Davenport is returning home after years away from his distant mother. Returning to his childhood home after a desperate phone call from his mother, and only because the rest of his life has seemingly fallen apart. He recently lost his wife to cancer and with mounting debt, it seems like he was also struggling financially. Arriving just as an ice storm hits the isolated location of the manor, he is grateful to get inside out of the cold. But now they're stuck inside the home that chills his blood faster then any cold front, no gas left and no hope of rescue until the morning. The horror builds as he finds his mother's body and begins to wonder if she was even the one who made that desperate phone call that brought him back to this cold, desolate place. 

It was so good! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good horror story. It will be exciting to see what else these authors will have for us in the future!

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