Friday, June 6, 2014

When We Fall by Peter Giglio

First just let me say that I really enjoy this author, he also wrote Lesser Creatures which I have also reviewed and loved. He takes a story that we think we know and changes it on it's head so that it's new and fresh and just a little bittersweet. 

The year is 1985 and Ben is still reeling from the loss of his best friend. He had never been one to make friends easily and he still felt lost without his friend. He can't tell anyone though that he still sees him at night, in his room. It helps ease the pain until he begins to get close to the neighbour girl Aubrey. Then the voice in the night brings shame and fear. But nothing like the fear that Ben feels when after making an 8mm film with Aubrey he sees the face of a boy who died the summer before. 

The spirit demands that Ben find out who killed him and help him. Ben is haunted and horrified by this even as his family becomes more worried about him and he grows more attached and more afraid of the beautiful girl next door, Aubrey Rose. Thirteen is already a hard enough age without adding more strife and hardship on his slight shoulders and Ben has to decide what to do, revert forever into childhood or make a stand and find the truth.

It was such a great read, quick and to the point you feel attached to Ben and just want to keep him from all the darkness that seems to surround him no matter which way he turns. At the same time you are cheering him on as he grows and learns that adults lie and just because you love someone doesn't mean they aren't flawed. It's a hard lesson as an adult to learn but at 13 he handles it with grace and continues to seek the truth. Loved it! Peter Giglio is just such a wonderful author. If you come across anything of his I definitely suggest grabbing it when you have the chance!

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