Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beauty and the Barbarian by Amy Jarecki

Merrin was born with the mark of the devil, a large birthmark on her neck, if that wasn't bad enough her mother died in childbirth. Hated by the people of the island, she lives with her father on a tiny islet nearby learning to heal and keeping to herself. She fears she will never find love or companionship but at least she has her trusted dog.

Ian is a man of noble birth even if he is on the run right now. He helped his uncle's wife escape after years of abuse and now the uncle's murderous eye was upon him. Waking up injured he thought there was an angel over him and even after getting to know Merrin he still thought of her as an untouched angel.

Ian brings disaster behind him and Merrin and her father are forced to flee before the renegades hunting Ian. If Merrin can survive the the renegades will she be able to survive the heat in Ian's eyes?

This was a pretty typical romance novel and it was good. I would give it three stars. The characters were okay and the story moved along at a good clip. I prefer my women a little more spunky but hey, Merrin had never really been around men before so I guess she did her best!

If you find this one on sale or in a used store I would definitely grab it, I don't know about paying full price though.

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