Thursday, October 16, 2014


Populatti is the second novel by Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper and she is amazing! I literally got so sucked into this novel that I read it in one day. It's definitely young adult but I think it's over arcing lessons really reflect on anyone's life.

Populatti is the website that rules Livi's life. One of her best friend's, Crystal, designed it and it's brilliant. You can only get on it if enough people vote you in and it lets you know where all the cool parties are going to be. That was the life for Livi and her friends, a whirl wind of school, parties, and gossip. 

Finally everything seems to be going right for Livi, the boy she has crushed on for years is finally noticing her, she just turned 16 and her parents are buying her a new car! But underneath the foundation of her life is starting to crumble and she doesn't even know it. 

Everything blows up when a fight escalates and suddenly Livi has been voted out of the Populatti and the three girls who claimed to be her best friends fade away. It's Brandon and an unlikely kindness from two other girls that show Livi that friends are so much more then just happy smiles and hanging out. It's really being there that matters. 

I thought it was a great book! It really pin points that it's so easy to get so caught up in the every day of social media and who is saying what about who. It's not up to the social media to change, it's up to us as the humans who are using it to focus it in a better direction. 

I really liked that the author made Livi so endearing! You watch her struggle between making hard decisions. And also just watching how something innocent can turn into so much more when people start talking. There is definitely three sides to an argument: His side, her side and then truth. 

The book was funny, well thought out, nicely paced and incredibly well written. I will will definitely be looking to see what else this author has in the future!

The e-book can be found here for only 3.00!!!

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